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Simple Low Cost Mobile

Device Management

Developed to help small businesses and NGOs in emerging markets minimise risks and maximise productivity

Installing Priority

Business Apps Is Easy

Select from the Play store, and the apps are automatically downloaded over the air to every handset.  It is also customisable for different teams requiring different apps.


Mobile Device 

Management Features

Small business owners, Office managers or IT managers can simply manage employees devices

Enrol devices

Take control over new devices by onboarding them to your account

Security settings

Prevent security breaches by requiring minimum level of password security

Install priority apps

Deploy apps for different teams

Block lost devices

If a device is lost or stolen take extra action by locking access to the device

Restrict access to apps

Improve security and productivity by restricting which apps can be used on company owned devices

Remote wipe

The ability to factory reset to wipe all data and information from devices.

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In partnership with USAID in Burkina Faso we are deploying our MDM to farmers and NGOs to improve productivity.


Do You Work for an NGO or Charity?

We offer NGOs and charities the opportunity to manage up to 100 devices used by your staff for free. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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