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We are a technology company enabling customers to buy affordable mobile internet devices to improve livelihoods

Making Mobile Internet Technology Affordable

Our Solution

We enable customers in emerging markets to buy smartphones and Internet capable phones on instalment payments

Encourage Payment

Encourage your customers to make timely payments through nudges and messaging.

Reduce Financial Risk

Our technology is unable to be removed reducing risk and need for credit checking.

Preload digital services

Increase usage of priority services through app preloading and over the air downloads.

Our Impact

Harnessing the power of technology to create a positive impact


NewPath is one of 13 tech startups to join Facebook accelerator LDN_LAB out of 600 applications.


USAID Partnership: Increasing access to agricultural information on internet enabled devices in Africa.

How we help your business

Our secure technology solution helps improve your business goals while making a social impact

Financing companies


Accelerate 4G

Accelerate 2G to 4G penetration

Increase revenue

Increase data revenue & usage of digital services

Reduce Financial risk

Reduce financial risk and need for credit checking

Partner with us

Find out how we can help you, We work with a range of partners from

Telcos, Retailers, Finance companies and more

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